Blissful Yoga

“The Peacock is a sacred space…like no other! It renews your mind, body, and spirit. My yoga teachers and fellow students have become my friends, as we all breathe together. I will keep coming back…”

I came to the Prancing Peacock to keep from killing my 12 year old son, accept my 40 year old body, and calm my Type A busy mind.  After nine years and more than 3,000 classes, I have a wonderful relationship with my 21 year old son, am grateful for my 50 year old body, and have learned to slow down and meditate.  I have walked in the studio with a headache, a heartache, stress or worry, depending on the day. But always walk out with a sense of gratitude and peace.

Jen Piotti

Prancing Peacock Yogini