Reiki soothes the nervous system and creates a feeling of radiant calm and wellbeing through gentle, non invasive hand positions on the body. A treatment can encourage the release of long held emotions, stress, and trauma. You will feel calm, peaceful, and filled with a warming love.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy work technique used to promote healing and wellness through the transfer of universal life energy. Reiki is neither a religion nor a new age practice, and has been used by all faiths as a supplement to spiritual healing practices. Reiki continues to gain support in the world of western medicine and is often used by health professionals as a complement to physical health care. It is pure and balanced energy that resonates with body, mind, heart, and soul. 

Subtle Body Wellness Session

Recenter your being with distance reiki, mindfulness meditation, sound healing, and guided self-energy-work. This comforting blend of holistic healing modalities releases stagnant and excess energy from the subtle body, while balancing your nervous system into a state of rest. Complete your session with either subtle body wellness guidance, including personalized recommendations for spiritual practice and daily ritual, or intuitive reading based on your natal chart and the current astrological transits.

$50 for 30 minute subtle body wellness session
distance reiki, guided meditation, sound healing, and guided self-energy-work

$85 for 60 minute subtle body wellness session
distance reiki, meditation + sound healing, guided self-energy-work, and intuitive reading 


Get Certified to Practice Reiki

Reiki I
Receive a sacred attunement to universal energy. Learn the tradition of Reiki, proper hand positions, and experience the profound expansion that comes from this lifetime attunement.

Reiki II
Reiki II practitioners receive a second attunement and sacred Reiki symbols to increase their knowledge and healing abilities. Distance reiki and hands on practice discussed in detail.

Reiki III Master
Healing is a divine path. Further advance your understanding of universal energy and its healing potential. Unlike other Level 3 courses, you will learn how to attune other people to become Reiki practitioners – a true Reiki Master!

In this time of great need, we are offering one Reiki 1 Full  Scholarship  to someone in the black community each time a training is held. Please contact liz@prancingpeacock for more information.