Reiki Energy Healing


Distance-healing Reiki Session

This restorative session involves a progressive relaxation sequence, distance Usui Reiki healing treatment, and energy reading to facilitate spiritual alignment, emotional clearing, and a healing immersion in your own energy. Your appointment includes time for discussion and suggested aftercare to seal in your treatment.

$100.00/75 minute private session

 Usui Reiki is a deeply comforting method of energy healing known for bringing conscious awareness into the subtle body, and was originally taught by Dr. Usui as an enlightenment practice. Gaining conscious awareness of Reiki during an attunement encourages release and realignment with an inner source of balance, compassion, and personal power. It can be life changing- in fact, it was Liz’s first Reiki attunement that led her to Yoga.

Reiki Attunements + Trainings

Sacred attunements and group certifications are offered seasonally with Studio Reiki Master Liz Conner. Receive one or all three transformative attunements to Reiki energy depending on your personal intentions. All certifications are held virtually on Zoom.

Reiki I
Receive a sacred attunement to universal life force energy. Learn the tradition of Reiki, proper hand positions, and experience the profound expansion that comes from this lifetime attunement. $225/group training or $275/private training

Reiki II
Receive your second attunement and sacred Reiki symbols to increase their knowledge and healing abilities. Distance reiki and hands on practice discussed in detail. $350/group training or $400/private training

Reiki III Master
Further advance your understanding of universal energy and its healing potential. Unlike other Level 3 courses, you will learn how to attune other people to become Reiki practitioners – a true Reiki Master! $650/group training or $700 private training


Additional Reiki Offerings

Distance-healing Reiki Self-Treatment Session

Explore a guided hands on energy healing treatment for compassionate awareness and spiritual self-connection guided by Studio Reiki Master Leslie Conner. This virtual group class is open to practitioners of all levels and anyone curious about working with energy or seeking support!

$15 or studio membership/30 min. class Thursdays at 11am


Distance-healing Semi-Private Reiki Session

A restorative relaxation experience for couples, families, or small groups looking to unwind together. This group session includes a progressive relaxation sequence, distance group Usui Reiki healing treatment, and energy reading for balance, inner peace, and collective harmony.

$100.00/60 minute semi-private session


Our Studio Reiki Masters


Liz Conner

Liz is the Prancing Peacock’s Lead Studio Reiki Master, responsible for performing all sacred attunements and Reiki certification trainings. Liz has a pure and direct connection to the Usui Reiki lineage, and a deeply rooted reputation for integrity. She is our resident dreamweaver.


Leslie Conner

Leslie is a Studio Reiki Master, responsible for our one on one and group healing sessions. She practices with dedicated care and strong intentions for connecting you with compassionate self-awareness, spiritual alignment, and a unique immersion in your own energy. She is a lifelong practitioner, having been attuned at age 7.