Private Sessions

Explore a personalized practice under the guidance of an insightful instructor in one of our private spaces. Based on your needs and intentions, we’ll pair you with the perfect instructor and arrange a one on one experience of yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, or Breathwork! Excellent for beginners, students looking to deepen their practice, or those with specific goals or concerns.

Private Yoga

There is nothing like one-on-one sessions to begin your yoga journey. Students benefit immensely from receiving the teacher’s complete focus and attention, receiving hands on adjustments to ensure that you develop a safe yoga practice.
$85 / 60 minutes

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Semi-Private Yoga

This introductory hour explores a personalized combination of asana (yoga postures), samyama (guided meditation), and pranayama (breathwork techniques) led by one of our exceptional in-house teachers. Learn proper alignment in several foundational postures and experiment with helpful modifications based on your unique body. This semi-private session is the perfect foundation for beginning a regular yoga practice, special occasions, and as an outing for couples, friends, or family members.
1 hour / $85 for 2 people
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Private Reiki Session

60 minutes of Reiki to soothe and honor the body and soul. This peaceful hour of self-care involves guided meditation, comforting hands on energy work, and intuitive guidance. Each session is thoughtfully curated by an intuitive Reiki Master to best suit your personal intentions, whether you seek to release stress, soothe anxiety, reconnect to your source of inspiration and clarity, or just rest. You will feel calm, peaceful, and filled with the warmth of unconditional love as Reiki cradles your body and soul.

$85 / 60 minutes


Take time to nurture your body and mind. Our signature massage is thoughtfully designed around your individual needs and preferences. Focus on a specific area of concern or melt into full body relaxation as one of our intuitive therapists dissolves tension with a variety of therapeutic techniques.
$85 / 60 minutes
$120 / minutes

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Private Breathwork

Lovingly curated by Liz, a private session is like slipping into an oasis of healing. You and Liz  will check in for a bit. You will actively breathe for 25 minutes and then experience 10-15 minutes of incredible rest and integration. She will use David Elliot’s essential oils to help the breath move, and burn Palo Santo and  white sage to clear. Sessions can also be done virtually if you are not in the area through Zoom.

$120 / 60 minutes

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End of Life Support

This empowering support session is a personalized wellness experience for individuals nearing the end of their life, caregivers of dying individuals, or anyone grieving the loss of a loved one. Each session provides supportive space to process and release your experience with the aid of guided meditation, passive movement, subtle body energy work, healing rituals, and intuitive conversation guided by End of Life Doula and Reiki Master, Leslie Conner. 
90 minutes

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Private Sound Session on the body

These sessions are like a ‘sound massage’. Enjoy an hour of sound meditation with Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, a 28″ wuhan Chinese wind gong, ocean drum, rain stick, thunder drum and chimes. The sounds and vibrations help you to completely focus, guiding you deeper into your meditation practice. You’ll leave deeply relaxed and refreshed! Absolutely no experience or prior knowledge is needed.
$120 / 60 minutes

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Langhorne Spa

Self care in the castle!

Each of our four Langhorne spa rooms feature soothing colors, purifying salt lamps, and luxurious fabrics to nurture your senses. Sink onto a velvet bolster and feel your stress fade away.

The Teal Room

The Peacock’s sacred space for body and energy work.

Climb the spiral staircase into the Teal Room above our Yardley studio for private practice, massage, reiki, and energy work. Covered in deep shades of teal, this divine space radiates peace and relaxation.

The Cottage.

Private space to heal.

Featuring a stunning view of the pond, butterflies (or snowflakes!) floating just beyond the floor to ceiling window, and clouds on the vaulted ceiling, this unique space offers total relaxation for body and soul.