Breathwork is a self-healing practice that uses a 2-part breath to bring you quickly into your body and out of your head. The benefits include helping to reduce stress and integrate and release long-held emotions  in  your body from past situations and trauma. Breathwork can help to create clarity in your life, release anger, doubt, fear and grief. It can bring you into a place of acceptance, self-love.

Led by certified Level 4 Breathwork Healer, Reiki Master, and studio owner Liz, each breathwork healing group acts a profound container for participants to transform, release, and heal. This unique sequence of dynamic breathwork, active rest, and peaceful recovery allows you to deeply connect to emotional issues and really let them go. The practice is an experience unlike any other and can be performed by any and every one who’s called to the group. Liz will hold compassionate space with the aid of essential oils, sage and palo santo incense, and an inspiring playlist to encourage the breath to move.

What are you ready to let go of?


Breathwork for Transitions

Liz will be your guide to ground; using special essential oils for your body, burning herbs to keep the space clear, and holding space for release and healing. This unique sequence of dynamic breathwork, active rest, and peaceful recovery allows you to deeply connect to emotional issues and really let them go. You’ll lay down on a mat supported by props and covered in a blanket and eye pillow, while listening to an evocative playlist that helps you breathe. You will leave feeling alchemized, wrapped in compassion for yourself and others, and ready for new beginnings. Everyone is welcome.

7:15pm – 8:30pm  |  Langhorne Studio



Peace of Mind: Holiday Woman’s Wellness Retreat

This afternoon of self-care opens with a guided circle led by owner and holistic healer, Liz Conner before a deeply relaxing yoga practice of gentle vinyasa flow, restorative postures, and guided mindfulness.
After nourishing refreshments, reflective conversation, and guided intention setting, you will re-ignite with the transcendent experience of Breathwork, a 2-part active breathing technique.
End the afternoon with practical tools and tips to take this practice off the mat and into your daily life, and a goodie bag filled with our signature Prancing Peacock products.
(Breathwork is a self-healing practice that brings you quickly into your body and out of your head, with periods of guided release and blissful rest. The benefits include stress reduction, emotional processing and integration, conscious release of personal trauma, and a profound sense of connection. Breathe out anger, fear, and grief. Breathe in clarity, purpose, and love. All you have to do is breathe.)
1:30-5:30p  | Yardley Studio


Private Breathwork Session

Lovingly curated by Liz, a private session is like slipping into an oasis of healing. You and Liz  will check in for a bit. You will actively breathe for 25 minutes and then experience 10-15 minutes of incredible rest and integration. She will use David Elliot’s essential oils to help the breath move, and burn Palo Santo and  white sage to clear. You may experience energetic shifts and release old trauma. You may feel tingly, light as a feather and ready to move ahead. These sessions are held in our soothing therapy rooms and Healing Cottage and can also be done virtually if you are not in the area through Zoom.

Liz is also delighted to facilitate private groups.

$120 / 60 minutes

Yardley Studio  |  Langhorne Studio

Call 267.679.0791 to book