Kelly Corbitt


Kelly first started practicing yoga in 2000 after moving to New York City to pursue an acting career, but quickly realized that she loved yoga more than auditioning. And boy are we glad that she did! We love having her at the Prancing Peacock. Did you know she used to be a bartender in New York? She claims that she was “very clumsy” and “spilled more things than she’d care to admit.” We find that tough to believe coming from some one whose grace on the mat is inspiring! Kelly says that the pregnancy and birth of her daughter, Willa Rose, in March 2010, greatly enhanced her yoga practice in magical and unexpected ways, and reconfirmed her passion and dedication to working with pregnant women and babies in yoga.

Kelly now continues her yoga teaching and study, as well as her work as a therapist for children, teens and their families. Yoga helps her find clarity, courage and compassion, and Kelly hopes that she can help her students discover these beautiful gifts as well.

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