Soul Retrieval

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A soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual practice that helps you bring back a part of your soul that has been lost due to some kind of trauma, abuse, a serious accident, the sudden death of a loved one or something extremely stressful to your system. When these types of things occur in our lives, our essence often removes itself from the suffering and pain as a helpful response to what is happening. When soul loss occurs, you may feel a disconnection from your body or as if you are not fully inhabiting the body. When the body is not fully inhabited, a person my experience symptoms such as depression, illness, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, chronic sadness or pain, loss of direction, anger or low energy.


Retrieval Sessions

Native Americans believe that the solution to this is to do a soul retrieval journey with the shaman or medicine woman or man of the tribe. A shaman is one who can walk between the physical world and the spirit world. During a soul retrieval journey, you and the shamanic practitioner (Lynn Cohen) do a guided journey together to retrieve the lost part of your soul. This is done by entering into the spirit world, with the help of your ancestors and spirit guides, to search for this lost part.

The shamanic practitioner then tunes into you and receives information from the spirit world or “non ordinary reality” that assists you in bringing back your power, gifts, energy or messages that will strengthen you and bring you towards a sense of greater wholeness, well-being, purpose and vitality. Once the lost part is found, the shaman will then transfer the found power and information into you through the use of drums, rattles or breath.

60 minutes  /  Yardley and Langhorne Studios

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Lynn Cohen

Lynn Cohen has been practicing shamanic journeying for over 15 years. She has seen the tangible results that soul retrieval journeying can bring. Soul retrieval is often not a one- time practice, especially since throughout our lives, many things occur that stress our system. The more you journey, the more you will begin to feel comfortable in your own skin, as well as, feel more inner power and ability to achieve or manifest what you want. Soul retrieval journeys help you become more authentically you!
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