June Miller


“Just breathe” and “Let it go”

Once upon a time, many moons ago, June was known as “June Bug”. Now we know her as “that teacher who will work muscles you never knew you had”. But that’s only if you’re fortunate enough to wind up in one of her popular classes. This teacher has a huge heart and will take very good care of you in class. By day, she is an air traffic controller! This powerful yogini literally has people’s lives in her hands.

June is certified in Power Yoga through Yoga for Life, and has studied Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson and many other teachers. She believes that it has given her personal knowledge of the value of yoga and pilates for relieving stress and stress related physical ailments. She is eager to share her joy of yoga and believes the class should be both fun and challenging. When jokingly asked what were the reasons for the Civil War, in our teacher survey, she replied, “because no one was doing yoga!”

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