John Luczyszyn


“Be Adventurous”
John discovered yoga in 2010 through a small magazine article discussing the physical and health benefits related to yoga. Being an open minded individual and always looking for ways to remain healthy; John decided to take his first yoga class a few weeks later. He immediately fell in love with the strenuous and rigorous aspects of yoga. He couldn’t believe how physically challenging yoga was! Over time the practice of yoga also developed into a way for him to connect with the mind and spirit.  It truly became more than the physical. This sense of strength, serenity, and deeper connection to himself that he finds during a practice is what keeps him returning to the mat.
John has a big heart and a strong desire to see everyone succeed.  He attributes these caring ways to being the oldest of six. Adding to his resume is the 10 years John spent serving in the United States Marine Corps.  He infuses his class with this warrior and gentle nurturing mentality.  Creating an environment in which you will find yourself being guided to discover your own inner power and confidence.  While he certainly enjoys challenging himself and his students, John’s class is intertwined with the love and compassion that is found with all our teachers here at the Prancing Peacock.

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