Jackie Chaszczewicz


“ “Let life unfold just as it is. Change nothing about it except how much love you give to yourself. In all the joys and all the sorrows, keep pouring love into you.” ”
– Sarah Blondin

Jackie is a 200 Hour RYT, meditation teacher and Prancing Peacock Yoga School graduate. She is a firm believer in trusting the universe. After spending years as an avid runner, Jackie first realized the healing power of yoga while nursing a torn ligament. She now credits that injury for bringing her back to the yoga mat and can remember the exact moment she realized she would become a yoga teacher. She was in the middle of a class healing that injury and something about the movement, music and meditation was so emotionally healing it brought her to happy tears when she realized she was exactly where she was meant to be. It was in that moment she knew she wanted to allow others the ability to feel the healing power of yoga too and that she was meant to be a yoga teacher. Although the injury wasn’t fun, sometimes the universe needs to go to great lengths to wake us up and lead us to our dharmas and she is beyond grateful it led her to that class that day!Jackie’s time on the mat has helped to manage anxiety and has been instrumental on her journey of self-love and body acceptance. She encourages her students to use yoga and meditation as a way to settle their minds, connect inward and celebrate their bodies.Jackie works in marketing during the day and when she’s not on the mat, she’s likely somewhere frolicking in nature, snuggling her French Bulldog or playing Uno.

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