Elizabeth Bye


Elizabeth had been drawn to yoga through many sources over the course of her life. Upon returning to Bucks County after several years surfing in the Atlantic, Pacific, and South Pacific Oceans, life’s demands grew and access to waves abruptly diminished. After an invitation to attend a yoga class with friends, the passing spark of yoga ignited into a flame. It didn’t take long to realize the similarities between her surfing experience and a regular yoga practice. Elizabeth discovered a new opportunity for a moving meditation that is, all at once: spiritual, athletic, ever changing and limitless. She wishes to offer her students a safe haven to tap into their inner strength in order to better understand, and navigate, life’s challenges. Classes are light hearted yet reverent; a sense of humor is always welcome!

Being somewhat of a perpetual child herself Elizabeth has worked with preschool children, in both regular and special education, for over 15 years. She is delighted to offer kid’s yoga classes at The Prancing Peacock and support the magic of self-discovery in our littlest of yogis and yoginis.

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