Each studio has its own boutique space with a magical array of branded products and hand-picked treasures. Shop a seasonal selection of super soft clothing, a wide variety of CBD products, energetic support essentials, and carefully curated gifts for you and all your loves. Shop during regular hours in the morning and evening, or by appointment at your convenience.

Our whimsical line of Prancing Peacock products include all our favorite relaxation essentials like handmade, rose quartz infused eye pillows, energetic support bracelets, and locally poured candles.

Liz began designing and crafting products for her and her students that matched the beautiful, lush feeling that comes from practicing yoga. She sews each and every eye pillow, bolster, and heating pad you see in our boutiques.

Limited edition products are unveiled constantly, whether Liz is collaborating with other artists, inspired by the season, or excited to share a new found favorite product.

BODY + SOUL Lotion

The product that started it all! This student favorite lotion is featured at the end of every yoga class and feels like shavasana in a bottle. Offering deep moisture and a powerful blend of pure essential oils including English lavender, calming chamomile, and rich balsam fir, you’ll never look at another lotion again. Initially bottled by popular demand in 2006, the Body + Soul line quickly expanded to include aromatherapy spray, pink himalayan bath salts, and all natural candles.


Energetic Support Bracelets 

 Infused with reiki, inspired by natural rhythms, and rooted in compassionate self-support. Our Energetic support bracelets were thoughtfully designed by Liz and her daughter Leslie to make the powerful support of crystals accessible to everyone. Each energetic support bundle features insightfully curated blends of crystal energy that support a specific intention or living prayer.