Cristina Grummon

Cristina Grummon

Yoga Instructor

Cristina became a certified yoga teacher in 2009 through the Prancing Peacock.  She particularly enjoys Vinyasa Flow and likes to give her mixed-level students a challenging but fun class.  She works hard to give a consistent feel to her classes without letting them become repetitious or overly familiar.

Cristina has always been involved in sports and fitness, playing ice and field hockey in high school, rowing in college, and now she enjoys running.  In 2006 she ran in her first marathon and completed a second one in 2008.  “Yoga has helped me with all of my athletic pursuits but where it has the most profound impact was in my understanding of self,” she says.  Cristina discovered yoga just a few years ago but found that it helped her to learn about her true self better than anything she has ever tried.

Cristina has really made a place for yoga in her life and has also studied Reiki and Ayurveda.  She hopes that she can give her students that same positive, empowered feeling she has every time she steps on her mat.

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