To the dream weavers in our life who help to birth our dreams! Happy Mothers Day!

2015 May 7
by admin

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Jeane Coyle, the President of First Federal Bank , and her team at the Pearl S. Buck Woman of the Year awards dinner. I was lucky enough to have my daughter Leslie by my side. It was particularly poignant because she gets it- knowing that we can fulfill our dreams!

This years winner was Pam Rainey Lawler , the founder of Philabundance Food Bank. The event was held on the beautiful grounds of Pearl’s Bucks County estate, a space not unlike our own beloved Prancing Peacock.

Celebrating her 123rd birthday this May, Pearl was not around to join us, but her spirit was very evident in her home, the dedication of her staff and in the remarks made by Pam in her acceptance speech. A strong and determined woman in her time, Pearls ability to dream and to encourage others to make big changes in the world was inspiring. I found myself not only admiring what she did in her lifetime, but was inspired to dream even bigger dreams in my own life. (And believe me, my dreams are pretty big all on their own!)

Pearl reminded me a great deal of Jeane Coyle, who was instrumental in encouraging me to move ahead with my dream of taking the plunge and opening a second yoga studio. As an enthusiastic customer of the bank, and having been lucky enough to be chosen to do a video testimonial for the bank last year, I got up the courage to ask Jeane to meet me for lunch last summer.

It was intimidating and exciting to meet with her about my ideas. There is a certain hesitation in meeting with someone who has accomplished so much. I felt for sure I would be struck dumb, and would probably end up with food on my face or spill my drink on her lap!

OJnce we had lunch, though, I realized that she began with a dream, like I did, and that her hard work and determination laid a strong foundation for the success she has today. She believed in what I was saying! Throughout the process she cared enough to check in through her busy day to see how things were going, to cheer me on and to take little tours in her suit and high heels in the construction dust.

Women like Jeane, and Pearl, and Pam are really just like you and me. They are flesh and blood, big dreamers and determined individuals who experience victories and disappointments, joy and sadness. Women who believe to their very core that we can make a difference, and that “no” does not have to be the answer!

The difference may be that they never, ever give up the dream.

I am so grateful for meeting these women, for the unconditional support they give to us, and that their belief in us makes us even stronger. I applaud their courage and kindness. It is because of them that I can stand in the dream that has come true, and continue to dream even more.


“You must set forth and find the center of your interest. You are a creator, but you must find your interest and then dedicate yourself to that interest—not to the act of creativity. Merely to want to create will make it impossible for you to do so. You must find an interest greater than yourself—a love, perhaps—and then the power to create will set you on fire.”
― Pearl S. BuckThe Eternal Wonder: A Novel