What if?

2014 January 20
by admin


Have you ever wondered about deepening your yoga practice? Teaching a class, inspiring others to find the same peace and contentment you have in your own practice? Imagine yourself beginning this journey at one of your favorite places.


You pull into the long driveway leading up to the studio, noticing the stillness and peace that envelope you almost immediately. The space opens up before you, just past the willow trees, and you see a farm, almost from another time.


Geese glide through the sky, coming in for a landing, almost soundless as they gracefully light on the pond, their feet skimming the water. You notice worries and cares dropping away from you, almost immediately. To the left, a red barn is a classic-red and cedar shingled against a brilliant blue sky, housing the chickens, goats and the peacock that this beautiful place is named for.

DSC_0832 A little cottage comes into view, and you can tell by the light that shines from it that healing happens there.


Further on a stone farmhouse and a larger studio is in the middle, anchoring the love that is within. With a catch in your throat, you begin to walk down the flagstone path.


A friendly dog greets you, walking with you down the path almost like a guardian, and a tiger cat lounges on the step, stretched out, expecting a belly rub, already purring.
IMG_2918You open the door, and enter a sanctuary, this first step that will begin your journey into inner awareness, healing, and growth.

Light glows from the colorful boutique, and laughter and hugs are all around you as you see students greeting each other. They are all ages, and all sizes, from all walks of life. You see there are some that are new to this place, hanging back a bit, and they feel the same way you do, nervous about taking a big step into a new way of living.

You bring your mat into the studio, noticing the firelight glowing and the polished wood floors, the deep purple colors and soft candlelight. As the door closes, you sit with people that you do not realize will become close friends, around the teacher. She smiles and meets each of your eyes, drawing you into this special circle.


She welcomes you to the very first evening of yoga teacher training.

You finally exhale, and let go, and know you have come home.