Happy New Year!

2013 December 31
by admin

DSC_0169I am sitting in my farmhouse living room with the morning light streaming in the tall windows. There is the faint hum of the heater, faithfully pumping out British thermal units, my feet toasty and warm. The tree is lit, and the hundreds of illuminated and sparkling glass ornaments, many of them my mother’s brought by her mother from Hungary move gently on the tree, as though they have their own spirit within. There is a husky dog curled in a fat ball on the sofa, his sweet snout draped over his paws.

I am blessed.

As a busy day begins to unfold, I remember with joy, and some bittersweetness the year we are leaving behind. We gained many new and inquisitive students, and lost some dear friends. We celebrated random acts of kindness in our homes, our community and across the ocean. We lived vicariously through a movie detailing the courageous lives of African American women who fought for civil rights in our country. An Angel brought a message of peace, hope and love to countless of us many Sunday afternoons. New graduates from the teacher training program blossomed into confident, joyful teachers. Lives were transformed, new careers made, new studios opened – new lives begun. A new offering injected strength and enthusiasm into our lives and changed the way we look at aging.

The teachers continued to guide and create beautiful classes, not only instructing yoga, but nurturing and lovingly caring for every student that walked in the door. Their loyalty, dedication and love is unmatched.

Each time I asked for your support, you came through with abundance. Many community projects were supported. A brother’s medical bills were eased, and a family that did not have Christmas received one.

It was a landmark family year: I celebrated the birth of a new baby – a grandson with his mother’s eyes and his father’s smile, with a shy giggle that steals your heart away. A daughter made a commitment for a lifelong relationship.

I stood in Pompeii, amidst the ruins and silence, and felt the spirits of century old love and lives whisper around me. I tasted olive oil made from the trees grown on the ground I stood on, and felt the strength and cruelty of the Coliseum, and saw the faraway mountains in Tuscany.

My practice gave me the courage to climb 40 foot walls with my son, and then be able to zip line madly 200 feet through the redwood forest in Sonoma.

Our beautiful Emi girl said goodbye to us, the goaties moved into a new shed, and the Peacock celebrated his new status as the chief of the old shed.

Each season continues to bring incredible beauty. I am awed by the fact that each and every time I step outside, even after 10 years, I still see what you see when you drive up the driveway. The weary, the stressed, the homesick, those who need healing, those who need love, and those of you lucky enough to be balanced and steady, for all of you this place is a magical sanctuary.

As we begin to move toward the end of the year, I promise to continue to nurture this dream, that has transcended anything I could have imagined. I wish you abundance, good health and clarity. Thank you for all you have brought to me this year – for all the loving words, embraces, and thoughtfulness. For all of your stories and successes and celebrations. I am happy to be a part of them. Thank you for sharing my life as well, for laughing and crying with me. I cannot imagine this place without all of you.

Many many blessings, and much love to all of you.

Happy New Year and Love always, Liz