Unexpected benefits!

2013 June 7
by admin

So three times a week, at 5 am,  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I open my eyes and get out of bed, try not to trip over the numerous dogs and cats lying comfortably on the floor in the early morning darkness and get dressed in my yoga clothes. IMG_1437

This is an unexpected challenge- the limbs are a little stiff, and the mind is not always coherent, but I manage, and make my way through my morning rituals, and then finally let the dogs out, where they too, not used to the early hour, stumble outside into the cool morning air and find things to sniff and chase


After a few weeks of practice, I can make an egg in the dark (I always try to eat something nutritious before I go out), juice some veggies,put the correct clothes on, speak properly and do lunges without falling over.




You may be wondering what possessed me to do this three times a week-well, this is Yoga Boot Camp! It was my great idea to share Igor with everyone, from 6-7 am so they can experience the results getting training that I have enjoyed!

Igor and Liz

Each time I see Igor he has a smile on his face and is very cheerful, and has a  storehouse of great moves and routines that are virtually never the same that challenge me every time.  I know I am in very good hands; as a professional fitness trainer, Igor is really good at what he does! He is encouraging and commanding all in one- he has a great sense of humor, (I say,”50  of these? Are you serious?” and he says, “Yes, Liz I am serious.”) he is caring and quick to sympathize but keep you on track, with complete faith that you can do all he is suggesting.


I have found new strength, lots of toning,  weight loss, and a difference in my yoga practice. Chataranga is a little easier, wheels are effortless. This is great!!!It is amazing how quickly you get in the groove of moving your body  to wake it up and create strength, endurance and good health so early.

We use free weights, TRX, medicine balls, this really tortuous device called an Ab Dolly, a Bosu ball, (right side up, upside down- the possibilities are endless) a step and our own body weight. We play enthusiastic music, and after about 40 minutes of that, I cool things down with some beautiful yoga that stretches and soothes our muscles and then we find our center, create an intention for the day and are good to go! We are  happy, and I for one cannot imagine not doing this.



There are also some unexpected benefits to this boot camp!


Beginning my day 2 hours earlier than I normally do creates all kinds of wonderful  openings. There seems to be so much more time available. I am able to go outside and greet the day when things are just waking up.



Image 2


My garden is very peaceful- the birds, who have been awake even earlier than I have been are busy pulling juicy worms out of the grass; there is  shade in the yard I have not noticed before, and the herbs and flowers smell especially sweet!









The bees are diligently gathering nectar, flying effortlessly to and fro from their hives.



Heron graze at the pond- I hope the bull frogs are hiding! Turtles are sunning themselves on the rocks.


Everything seems very laid back, and I find that when it is quiet and peaceful, I can think more clearly, and fabulous ideas make their way to me. It is a great time for meditation and to inquire within.



It is a time of day I encourage you to experience. However, if you are not an early bird Igor will be holding sessions a little later! Consider joining us on the journey to an amazing level of fitness. We are with you every step of the way, in this safe space to explore the possibilities of your amazing body! Life is good!