Raising the Vibration

2013 February 14
by admin

And, so it begins!!  We had a FABULOUS day at the studio!! What an outpouring of love, Random acts of kindness, surprises, presents and more love. Random acts were spread over the globe. I know we raised the vibration!!!

These random acts of kindness are like a big swelling of many hearts together! Staying connected, just by being kind to each other. Knowing that we are not alone. Taking the time to let people know that we love them, in the simplest of ways; a smile, a hug, a kind word, a gesture. It does not have to be big- but know that it will be powerful. The first few took some thinking, but the more I did, the easier and more joyful it became. I wondered what it would be like to do this EVERY day!!!!

Here are some of the things I encountered!!

First, I forgot that Random Acts of Kindness makes for extremely emotional behavior!! I did not expect to get so teary eyed in the process!

My first random act came early- since I am doing 56 I figured it might be wise to start ahead of my birthday.

1.Went to Starbucks to buy my favorite coffee, and decided to buy some gift cards to give out to people. When I told the girl about the day I was planning, she was very enthusiastic! She said she had always wanted to come to a yoga class, so, I decided to give her a free class at the studio. She was excited! If you love yoga and meditation, check out the Yoga Society website for courses designed to help expand your practice, motivate you to master new skills, and continue to experience the joy of learning. As I turned to leave, she pulled out a free coupon for a drink the next time I come! This is fun! Instant random act of kindness propelled another!

2. As Katie and I were leaving the mall, when an elderly couple started up the escalator. They were very well dressed, and the woman had on perfectly pressed wool creamy white pants, a white coat, white shoes and a white beret! (and white hair!) I could not resist- as we got off the escalator I ran over to her (for being old she was pretty speedy) and said, “Excuse me! I just wanted to tell you how pretty you look! “She gave me a beautiful smile and said, “And 85 years old!!! “ Her husband was thrilled, I could tell, and I hugged her and she took both my hands in hers and said,” you are so kind! Thank you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Of course, I walked to the car with tears streaming down my face!

This makes me happy!!

Woke up on my birthday, (thank goodness!) and realized how long it was going to take me to do 56 random acts of kindness, which I will now refer to as RAK* get the studio ready for the awesome day we had planned, teach our RAK donation class, blow up balloons, arrange the 8 dozen roses we planned on giving away to every student that came to the studio today and try not to eat a cupcake at every turn (they were everywhere)!

I wondered if I could lump some together, like group RAK! We began the day with Doris’s class- she was very playful- everyone did Partner poses, and we gave out roses and cupcakes and balloons. Students seemed surprised and a little overwhelmed, but were happy!

Next, I changed into my birthday yoga outfit- all white!!! It was a little weird, but I had asked everyone to wear white or light colors to raise the vibration! Trying to figure out what one wears under white yoga pants is interesting to say the least. Thank God they had a little skirt attached, so I was covered! (Literally!!)

Everyone received a crown to wear, and we began by remembering our fellow yogini Joyce Tarity, who had passed away the day before, after a lengthy battle with cancer. You would have never known it from her optimism and joy in life- she attended the studio almost every day.

It was a wonderful class, full of love and light and of course, dancing! We boogied away, and then a deep restful shavasana. The idea was to vote on a charity to donate to, but right before I went into class, I received and email about Joyce’s Memorial service, and that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the American Cancer Society.

It was approved unanimously by the class, and we were thrilled to do it!

More roses, more cupcakes, more balloons, and Katie and I were off to lunch, and to squeeze in as many RAK as we could before we got back to the studio for afternoon classes. Oh, and by the way, while we were in class, Yardley Florist delivered a beautiful, huge arrangement to:

“The Staff, teachers and students at the Prancing Peacock-Enjoy!!!!”

That was really awesome!

Here’s a rundown of the fun we had:

3-12- Gave roses to everyone at Anna’s Nails in Yardley, and a free class card to my own nail technician, Helen! They all giggled and smiled, and the owner, a gentleman, gave me a huge grin when I presented him with one!I had never seen him smile that hugely!!!

12 &13 Stopped into the Frame shop and gave the guy who framed our “Best Distinctive Yoga Studio” award 2 yoga passes one for him, one for his wife.

14 &15 gave a Starbucks card to the older lady that works at the Rite Aid (just cause I like her), and bumped into Liz Murphy and gave her one too!

16 &17 Presented 2 Starbucks cards to the guys who work at Mail n More in Yardley, they are always so nice taking our packages and were very surprised I was giving presents out on my birthday! It was fun to see people’s faces and reactions!

Next, we tried to find our teacher trainee, Dana, who gave a very generous donation to the RAK class to give her the party favors everyone got! I could not remember where she worked exactly- so we drove around to each eyeglass store in Newtown asking, Is Dana in today?

18 Started to feel bad we did not give roses to those employees, so gifted 1 girl  at a different eyeglass store a rose and a free class card!

FINALLY we found her, at Glasses Galore in Newtown, and as we were walking up to give her a bouquet, she saw us and ran at full speed to the door and tackled us!! (She is very enthusiastic- you will love her community classes!!)

19 We presented her with the roses, crown, cupcake and balloon! She beamed!!! Said it made her day. (This one was REALLYY fun!!) Plus, I found some frames I really like!!!

20-21 After leaving Dana, we brought heart shaped donuts to my son Chris and daughter-in-law Alicia, and John, who designed our beautiful RAK announcement. They gobbled them up!

22 Dropped off a rose, a hug and a free class card to my hair stylist Ron,  at David Witchell, who said it was  a delight to receive them, it had been a long day! He gave me some blow drying tips!! Thanks Ron J

23. On the way back to the car, I decided to stop in at Love Illuminati, a fabulous clothing store in Newtown to give the owner a rose and a class card. She almost started to cry!! Said it made her feel wonderful! Yea!!

24-29 Distributed a balloon and roses to the Staff at our bank, First Federal of Bucks County, and a customer who asked if her gift card had expired, (NO!!)

30. Gave a rose to the owner of Indian Garden restaurant, he was very grateful. (Men seemed very touched. I guess they don’t get flowers that often- note to self!!)

31-37 Presented the staff at Venezia Pizzeria with roses, because they remember my entire families names when we go in, and always ask about them!!

38 Gave 40% tip to our server at lunch

39 We made our way to Philadelphia to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Audrey Claire. Brought a bouquet of roses to give to our server. I was surrounded by my beautiful family, (Leslie was in Rome, so she was with us in spirit!). Decide to give the roses to the hostess, who was pregnant and running around like crazy, but very happy and positive!! She loved them.

Larry disclosed to the server that he was supposed to be the recipient, but alas, we chose someone else!!! The server laughed and disclosed that the hostess was his wife, and so he would indeed be going home with the roses (and his wife) after all!!! Haha- we all clapped at hearing that!!!

40-52 decided time was running out, had to do more RAK at the restaurant.

Asked the server if he would ask everyone there if we could buy them dessert! Everyone thanked us and enjoyed scrumptious crème brulee, lava cake, apple crisp, Yummy!!!!

When we got the bill, found out the restaurant had comped us on the desserts we gave away, so they RAK us right back!! Thank you Audrey Claire!

53- Left a super big tip to the server 🙂

As we were leaving, one of the couples got up and asked if we were the ones who paid for their desserts. They said they had just left Ash Wednesday Mass at their church, and were discussing how to make a difference in the world. They said this was perfect timing, and thanked us for doing it and inspiring them!!!

Then I checked my Facebook messages, it was blowing up all day long with RAK!! Stood in Audrey Clair and cried, reading all of the things you all did

So, I know!  I am short 3 random acts of kindness.

I will continue them today. I may even do one every day for the rest of my life! As I was walking in Newtown yesterday, I was looking at people I passed- REALLY looking at them, right in their eyes- seeing if they need a rose, or a smile or even a hug. I wish I had even more to give away. The response was so heart warming.

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday one of the best ones I have ever had!

Love to everyone