Reiki Serendipity

2012 July 12
by admin

Becoming a Reiki Master, let alone owning the Prancing Peacock, was never part of my life’s plan!

Fourteen years ago I was a stay at home Mom with my four children! I did not practice yoga or chant Om, or know who Ganesha was.  I must have had some kind of deep inner quest that I did not even know about, just below the surface, because one day my life shifted and changed to a completely new direction. I always think that there are no accidents- now I pay attention when even the slightest thing shifts, or something comes into my awareness that is new or unusual, mainly because of the experience I am about to tell you about!

One day as I was reading the newspaper, I found a tiny little ad for a place called the Learning Studio in Princeton, NJ. It caught my eye, because it was advertising a Reiki Information night- how to learn to give healing energy through your hands. I decided to go and see what it was all about. Reiki translates to Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Japanese system of hands on healing.

There I met my future Reiki Master. She was a little fireball- flaming red hair, long red fingernails, lots of sparkly jewelry and the ability to produce immense heat from her hands AND communicate with spirits! I was intrigued, and when she asked for a volunteer, I raised my hand. As she gave me Reiki, I felt an incredible warmth and energy radiating through my body. I knew from that moment that I would be attuned to this energy and become a Reiki Master myself.


I decided to take the Reiki I certification, and encouraged my good friend to come with me. Her five-year-old son had cancer, and I felt it would empower her to be able to do something for him herself, amid all the hospitals and doctors she was surrounded with.

The day after my attunement, the beautiful process that gives you the ability to channel Reiki energy, was a very interesting day!

That morning, upon awakening, I literally sat up in bed and said, “I have to do yoga!” I had never done yoga before- except for one time, when I was 15 with my mother, at the local YMCA (it was weird). The universe came knocking on the door, and luckily I opened it! This was the start of an amazing journey that has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I credit Reiki with opening me up to a completely different lifestyle, as well as finally showing me what I am supposed to be doing with my life!

I started to live a healthier life- watching the foods I ate and prepared for my family, drinking less coffee and becoming much more calm and patient. I even found my creative juices flowing with ease.

I started to give Reiki to my family and myself and took yoga classes three times a week. Within a year I was enrolled in a 500-hour yoga alliance teacher training program, and the rest is history- teaching, opening up The Prancing Peacock, leading retreats in beautiful places, and of course, holding Reiki Certifications and Shares every month.

Soon after I became a Reiki I practitioner, I decided to bring all of my children-four under the age of fifteen- and my friend’s two children to be attuned by my Reiki Master. We tooled down to her house, six kids and myself in my minivan! She was happy to see us, and I was thrilled to be able to give my children this gift at such a young age. I am excited to say that two of my adult children are now Reiki Masters, and hold one on one healing sessions frequently, and work with me in certifications and shares.

During the certification, my son’s hernia was healed, and I am happy to report that my friend’s son is now 20 years old, his cancer is completely gone and he is breaking hearts right and left.

Did the Reiki cure them? I can’t say for sure. I do know  that when I place my hands on someone, they tell me they feel an intense warmth and energy that allows them to experience peace and healing. Each time I hold a session or class, small things happen that  remind me to have faith, and to believe that with our intentions, incredible things will manifest! I am not the Reiki energy, I am the vehicle it travels through. It is a one way journey to the person who is receiving it, and  I have never felt tired, or ill or taken on their symptoms after a session.  Reiki is pure light, good in every way imaginable, and it can never be negative.  I use it in my yoga classes, for family, my pets, clients and myself. Having the ability to channel Reiki is similar to having a first aid kit in your hands. It is always with you. Reiki is used in hospitals and clinics- EMT’s, doctors, and nurses use it in emergencies and operating rooms. I am not sure how it works, but we know it does through the feedback we receive after a session! Giving Reiki is an amazing feeling, almost as wonderful as receiving it.

Since becoming a Reiki Master and teacher, I have taught hundreds of students. They in turn have given countless sessions and my Reiki Masters have attuned their own students. This healing community has grown and flourished! The glimpse of the small newspaper article, meeting my Reiki Master, and participating in the Reiki share allowed me to bring balance and joy to many people. I truly believe in serendipity!

I invite you to experience it for yourself. Who knows where it might lead you?