Afternoon with an Angel

2012 April 15
by admin

Almost 13 years ago, I went to see a woman named Kelly channel an angel…

The event was held in a private home in Buckingham, and as we drove through the countryside, I wondered with some curiosity exactly what would happen. Upon arriving at the house, I was greeted by the owner, and led to a screened porch where a quiet young woman sat in a chair surrounded by a chatting group of women on the floor. She looked like us- flesh and bone, smiling every so often; I was surprised at how unassuming she was. She began to tell us her story.

While attending the University of Delaware, she began to channel someone who had a message. She did not ask to channel, and sometimes she found herself singing and saying words that were not her own in the strangest of places! She eventually asked, and was told that she was channeling the Angel Raphael! Through the years she has learned to control this energy more and is able to call on this Angel by name.

She asked us to sit closely to her, to create a strong energy field. As she began to channel Angel Raphael, I was amazed by the sweet message that began
to literally pour through her. Her body movements changed, and she spoke with confidence and a brightness that was not seen before. She spoke rapidly and with such articulation I was astounded that this message could come out of any human’s mouth! For the next hour and a half, she spoke of love, the state of the earth, the beings beyond, and answered many questions from the women gathered around her. There was lots of laughter (she is a funny angel), tears, and sounds of joy and validation.

When she finished channeling, she became quiet, and blinked open her eyes, surprised to see us! Kelly does not usually remember much of what she channels- she is aware of being there, but the Angel actually uses her as a voice to communicate through. I spoke with her briefly afterwards, and again noticed the difference in their personalities. Through that night and the next day I was filled with a sense of peace and knowing. It was an experience that stayed with me long- after.

Several years passed, I moved to another home, and eventually I opened a yoga studio. One day I thought about the Angel’s glorious message of simplicity, hope and love, and realized how much it would mean to the Prancing Peacock community. With google search at my fingertips, I began to look for her. No matter who I called, or where I looked, I could not find her. I eventually gave up, thinking I would not see her again.

A year passed, and I received a call from a woman interested in coming to the studio to show me some merchandise for the boutique. Truthfully, I was not that interested, but told her to come by, and I would take a look.

We met on a windy afternoon, and I liked her things. I ordered from her, and she promised to return in two weeks with her delivery. She returned as promised, and as we arranged everything in the boutique, she said quietly, “Have you ever heard of Angel Raphael?”

I thought it was an odd question, and even got goosebumps as I looked at her again. Of course, I said yes. She laughed and said, “Well, I channel her, and as I was driving here today, she said to me, ‘tell her about me’.”

At this point, I reached for the chair behind me to make sure I did not miss it as I sat down with a breath and said, “I have been looking for you!”

She replied with a laugh again, and said, “Well, that doesn’t surprise me, Raphael is always doing things like that. Sometimes she even answers the phone!”

I looked at Kelly again, and did not recognize the woman who I had seen 10 years earlier. But somehow, through Kelly, this Angel had known I was looking, and sent her to me, albeit, through a different route!

It was simple after that, she began to make appearances at the studio on a regular basis, bringing her amazing message of hope and love, usually around the holidays when it is much needed, and then again in the spring. One afternoon she channeled in front of the window, snow falling softly behind her, a rapt audience hanging on her sweet words.

The first time she came, we did not know we could ask questions, and when she asked, “What would you like to know?” we just stared at her. She laughed a tinkly laughter and said, “You are so silly- you can ask an angel anything you want to know and you do not know what to say!”

People ask questions about loved ones and world issues, although she cautions that very personal issues may not be answered, and should be saved for a private session. Kelly visited us in February, and it was a transformational afternoon.

The more time you spend with her, the more you begin to understand that the answer to most questions is one of love- love, gratitude and forgiveness are the 3 most important things we can express. Raphael says that anytime you perceive anything with love, you can shift reality with forgiveness to bring in laughter, light, beauty and abundance.

In her last visit, she talked about karma, and how it can be snapped off- and be changed in a second. With enough love, this shift can occur instantly! She encourages us to remember that we are a creator and to step into our lives with a feeling of trust- trust yourself that you will receive what you need.

Raphael spoke in depth about the shifts occurring on earth, and that we needed to open the door to the next world- allowing our minds to take down ideas around death, and that we can see our loved ones if we look at life in a different way;

there is an option becoming available to be between worlds, and to get there, you must emanate love. This is the key- love in our hearts. By lifting our vibration, we open the door. Our egos create an idea of individuality and separation- but in reality, you and I are one. We are connected to each other. Others are actually a mirror for us, reflecting things back to us that we need to work on. When we forgive others, we allow them to forgive in an easier way.

Again, Kelly returns from the session with a sweet smile, a little disconcerted, to find all of us staring at her so intently with such emotion on our faces. The afternoon was perfect; a beautiful message from an angel.

Angel Raphael will be sweeping down again, at the Prancing Peacock, Sunday, April 29, from 2-4 pm. We hope for a beautiful spring afternoon, with warm breezes, plentiful sunshine, and open hearts. There are still some spots left, but you must register with us in advance. Join us!