2017 November 22
by admin

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I write this post to you, I have realized that after months of our pond being covered in duckweed, an abundant green algae, that looked like a plush wall- to- wall carpet that I was tempted to try and vacuum off, it has come back to us!

The duckweed has sunk, and I can actually see the water. I can see the wind creating swirls and currents, and the geese splash and play with each other on the surface, reveling in the clearness of it all. I can see the reflection of the golden trees, and the soft reflection of the studio lights in the evening. I knew it would eventually happen. It makes me happy. The pond can breathe again.

There is a tradeoff though. Summer has gone. When the first cold day arrived, I said, “Wait! I’m not ready yet!” I mourned for the serene nights when the peepers and night creatures sang and the joyful soprano sounds of birds and their babies awakened us in the summer mornings. In their place now are the louder sounds of the larger birds, the crows and geese and the sharp quacking of the ducks.

The air is crisp and cold, as it should be this time of year.  The leaves are falling, creating large piles that blow willy-nilly over the yard as though they are dancing with each other.

We hurry into the studio, jackets clutched closely to us, shivering. The space in front of the fireplace is a coveted one now!

As each year unfolds and flows to another, we continue to gather. There are many of us who have been practicing here for years, getting to know each other’s stories and habits. We celebrate babies being born, we comfort each other when loved ones pass away, marvel as children grow and begin their independent lives.

We continue to greet new friends every day, sharing their excited expectation of what this practice will bring to their lives. Seeing our own practice with new eyes.

I have noticed that each year, the months go faster and faster. If you don’t pay attention, whole months and seasons can slip by. Suddenly, I feel older! I think it makes me wiser. I can’t think that it doesn’t.  I have seen a lot. After all, I was alive when there were no cell phones and we wrote letters to each other! My college clothes have gone in and out of style several times.

Let’s be honest, it has been a strange year. Each day brings new surprises. Some are wonderful, and some leave us shaking our heads and saying words I don’t want to write here.

The order of things has been changed. What we have taken for granted is no longer the case. The way we treat each other in this world seems to have shifted.

And yet, I maintain hope. I have to. I want to. I insist on it.

I have lived my life in a state of positive vibrations for so long that it is impossible for me to think otherwise. I see the good in people. I believe things will change for the better. I am grateful for the things in my life that bring me joy.

Each time I teach a class, I remind people that their life is good; that there is goodness in all of us if you can read between the lines of their lives.

I believe when we raise our own vibration we raise the collective vibration, and I know we are more alike than we are different.

My greatest wish is that you will see you are a lightworker.  Each and every one of you!

So on this day of being grateful for our families, our loving animals, our homes, our practices, I invite all of you to gather and hold one another, in joy and in love, with tolerance, and understanding.  To reach out to someone you may not have reached out to before. To make a difference in someone’s life who is sad, or lonely or frightened. To decide what is really important to you, instead of waiting until the last day of your life or the day you realize you are not going to live forever and you say “Wait a minute! I’m not ready yet!”

I am grateful for all of you, and I thank you for giving us a chance to help create change, to move our bodies in a dance with our breath, to gather with family and friends with warmth and compassion, to stretch to our fullest potential, and to love our life.

Much love to all of you,



Happy Fathers Day!

2017 June 18
by admin

Happy Fathers Day!
On Father’s Day, I sit back and think about the fathers in my life. I am lucky, I have had more than my share. I always laugh when I tell people I have had three of them!

There is the father who gave me my DNA, but was never an active part of my life. Would I recognize him if I met him on the street someday because of that connection? Not sure, but I am still grateful for him! Thanks Dad!

There is the father that wanted a child so much he adopted me from another set of parents, took the risk of loving me without knowing how I would turn out, whether I was someone he would even want to know or would consider loving. This father died when I was 2 years old. I recognize him in my dreams, a presence in my life I see only in photographs.

There is the father who married my mother, and I came along as a part of the package. What a leap of faith! This father I grew up with. This is the father that grew old and took a hold of my heart in real time, and who I mourned when he left his body.

All of them hold a special place on my heart, although I really only knew one. However, others stand in the space that is left.
Uncles, brothers, friends, husbands, sons… each one shows support and love in so many different ways!

I have an Uncle who has recently taken up residence in my heart space. He is 88 now, a cantankerous bachelor, who has never had children of his own. But as he gets older, he has begun to soften, as most of us do. I see the things he has kept in his house, and I am amazed. I see my baby pictures, and letters I wrote to him when I was a child. I see notes between my mother and him when my father died, taking time off to be with us, to support his sister. I see the stuffed dog he gave me when I was 4 years old. Now, I see the pride in his eyes when he talks about me, and the business I have built. I am his daughter, as much as I am my Father’s daughter. I feel blessed to reconnect.

I see my husband, nurturing his adult children through thick and thin, offering his love, his time and his arms, to hug them, to hold his grandchildren, to fly kites, to change diapers, to take them on walks and find frogs. He never says no!

I see my sons and son in law, persevering through hard labors, sleepless nights, first steps, and first words. I see them guiding their children and nieces and nephews through this very different world we live in with strength and good humor.

I see a friend of mine, surrogate father to his best friend’s children who have lost their dad. He is there for advice, to travel with them, to bolster them when they are sad or lost, to celebrate their victories, to love them. He keeps the memory of their father alive, and fills the void they feel.

I see my friends in non-traditional marriages, both mother and father. I see the joy on their faces, holding their babies.

I see fathers bringing their sons and daughters to yoga, helping them find the peace they themselves have found, to find common ground.

I see a village, strong, loving, kind and generous that guides us and shapes us as we grow.

Thank you to all of you – fathers, uncles, brothers, husbands, friends, sons.

We are blessed to have you be a part of our lives.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you!

To the dream weavers in our life who help to birth our dreams! Happy Mothers Day!

2015 May 7
by admin

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Jeane Coyle, the President of First Federal Bank , and her team at the Pearl S. Buck Woman of the Year awards dinner. I was lucky enough to have my daughter Leslie by my side. It was particularly poignant because she gets it- knowing that we can fulfill our dreams!

This years winner was Pam Rainey Lawler , the founder of Philabundance Food Bank. The event was held on the beautiful grounds of Pearl’s Bucks County estate, a space not unlike our own beloved Prancing Peacock.

Celebrating her 123rd birthday this May, Pearl was not around to join us, but her spirit was very evident in her home, the dedication of her staff and in the remarks made by Pam in her acceptance speech. A strong and determined woman in her time, Pearls ability to dream and to encourage others to make big changes in the world was inspiring. I found myself not only admiring what she did in her lifetime, but was inspired to dream even bigger dreams in my own life. (And believe me, my dreams are pretty big all on their own!)

Pearl reminded me a great deal of Jeane Coyle, who was instrumental in encouraging me to move ahead with my dream of taking the plunge and opening a second yoga studio. As an enthusiastic customer of the bank, and having been lucky enough to be chosen to do a video testimonial for the bank last year, I got up the courage to ask Jeane to meet me for lunch last summer.

It was intimidating and exciting to meet with her about my ideas. There is a certain hesitation in meeting with someone who has accomplished so much. I felt for sure I would be struck dumb, and would probably end up with food on my face or spill my drink on her lap!

OJnce we had lunch, though, I realized that she began with a dream, like I did, and that her hard work and determination laid a strong foundation for the success she has today. She believed in what I was saying! Throughout the process she cared enough to check in through her busy day to see how things were going, to cheer me on and to take little tours in her suit and high heels in the construction dust.

Women like Jeane, and Pearl, and Pam are really just like you and me. They are flesh and blood, big dreamers and determined individuals who experience victories and disappointments, joy and sadness. Women who believe to their very core that we can make a difference, and that “no” does not have to be the answer!

The difference may be that they never, ever give up the dream.

I am so grateful for meeting these women, for the unconditional support they give to us, and that their belief in us makes us even stronger. I applaud their courage and kindness. It is because of them that I can stand in the dream that has come true, and continue to dream even more.


“You must set forth and find the center of your interest. You are a creator, but you must find your interest and then dedicate yourself to that interest—not to the act of creativity. Merely to want to create will make it impossible for you to do so. You must find an interest greater than yourself—a love, perhaps—and then the power to create will set you on fire.”
― Pearl S. BuckThe Eternal Wonder: A Novel


Another new beginning

2015 March 11
by admin

Each year as I sit down to write to you, I amazed that time has passed so quickly. This year in particular has been an exceptional one. We are truly blessed. Having grown The Prancing Peacock from a few students into the beautiful community it has evolved in today; I knew that it would take a lot of hard work and a lot of inspiration to open a second location that would be as wonderful as this one.

Finally, that dream has come true. From the beginning, it was surreal. Once we found it, the moment we stepped in the door, it felt as though the house had been built especially for us. As we found the artists and talented contractors (who are really magicians) to create the space and worked with friends and teachers who inspired us, we have seen the universe clear the way. Each person on the project has tirelessly worked as though it was his or her own, from early in the morning to well into the night. No one ever said, “No, it cannot be done.” I appreciate you all with every ounce of my being!

At each and every turn, the right person walked through the door when they were needed, guidance was given, and obstacles were removed. Every single thing was chosen to create a space where you can feel nurtured and surrounded by beauty. Special classes and programs are unfolding. Never doubt the power of love and dreams!

The yoga studio on Stony Hill has continued to be a sanctuary for her students. Powered by her beautiful teachers, each class is a time for joy and transformation. I am awed by the fact that before each class students greet one another with smiles and hugs, every time, even if they saw each other the evening before. Sometimes I think a party is going on, the decibels are so high!

Inspired by our grandson Philip, the Nest, our Prenatal and children’s program, was launched this year!

Our newest teachers voices rang out, strong and confident, not only here, but in many studios and centers in the area.

The animal family grew with the addition of Bella, our Irish Setter. The goaties greet the 6 am boot camp class with loud brays, and the chickens and guinea hens peck at the door during shavasana.

I feel very lucky that our family has moved closer together in the area. Each family member contributes in their own talented way, from managing the studio, to jumping in to be at the desk, to creating website designs and writing magical class descriptions. Complicated technical systems and details are installed. Larry has lovingly translated my dreams into reality. I am grateful every day that my family is the foundation of this studio. I am so lucky to have them all close to me. We love sharing our life with you.

Thank you for being a part of this magic. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey. Thank you for taking time to nurture yourself and to create mindfulness in your life.

I look forward to welcoming you into the new space. I know you will have as much fun as I have exploring every nook and cranny.

I wish you many blessings, and much abundance and joy in 2015.

Make you walk in peace with every step you take…..

Love always, Liz




What if?

2014 January 20
by admin


Have you ever wondered about deepening your yoga practice? Teaching a class, inspiring others to find the same peace and contentment you have in your own practice? Imagine yourself beginning this journey at one of your favorite places.


You pull into the long driveway leading up to the studio, noticing the stillness and peace that envelope you almost immediately. The space opens up before you, just past the willow trees, and you see a farm, almost from another time.


Geese glide through the sky, coming in for a landing, almost soundless as they gracefully light on the pond, their feet skimming the water. You notice worries and cares dropping away from you, almost immediately. To the left, a red barn is a classic-red and cedar shingled against a brilliant blue sky, housing the chickens, goats and the peacock that this beautiful place is named for.

DSC_0832 A little cottage comes into view, and you can tell by the light that shines from it that healing happens there.


Further on a stone farmhouse and a larger studio is in the middle, anchoring the love that is within. With a catch in your throat, you begin to walk down the flagstone path.


A friendly dog greets you, walking with you down the path almost like a guardian, and a tiger cat lounges on the step, stretched out, expecting a belly rub, already purring.
IMG_2918You open the door, and enter a sanctuary, this first step that will begin your journey into inner awareness, healing, and growth.

Light glows from the colorful boutique, and laughter and hugs are all around you as you see students greeting each other. They are all ages, and all sizes, from all walks of life. You see there are some that are new to this place, hanging back a bit, and they feel the same way you do, nervous about taking a big step into a new way of living.

You bring your mat into the studio, noticing the firelight glowing and the polished wood floors, the deep purple colors and soft candlelight. As the door closes, you sit with people that you do not realize will become close friends, around the teacher. She smiles and meets each of your eyes, drawing you into this special circle.


She welcomes you to the very first evening of yoga teacher training.

You finally exhale, and let go, and know you have come home.

Happy New Year!

2013 December 31
by admin

DSC_0169I am sitting in my farmhouse living room with the morning light streaming in the tall windows. There is the faint hum of the heater, faithfully pumping out British thermal units, my feet toasty and warm. The tree is lit, and the hundreds of illuminated and sparkling glass ornaments, many of them my mother’s brought by her mother from Hungary move gently on the tree, as though they have their own spirit within. There is a husky dog curled in a fat ball on the sofa, his sweet snout draped over his paws.

I am blessed.

As a busy day begins to unfold, I remember with joy, and some bittersweetness the year we are leaving behind. We gained many new and inquisitive students, and lost some dear friends. We celebrated random acts of kindness in our homes, our community and across the ocean. We lived vicariously through a movie detailing the courageous lives of African American women who fought for civil rights in our country. An Angel brought a message of peace, hope and love to countless of us many Sunday afternoons. New graduates from the teacher training program blossomed into confident, joyful teachers. Lives were transformed, new careers made, new studios opened – new lives begun. A new offering injected strength and enthusiasm into our lives and changed the way we look at aging.

The teachers continued to guide and create beautiful classes, not only instructing yoga, but nurturing and lovingly caring for every student that walked in the door. Their loyalty, dedication and love is unmatched.

Each time I asked for your support, you came through with abundance. Many community projects were supported. A brother’s medical bills were eased, and a family that did not have Christmas received one.

It was a landmark family year: I celebrated the birth of a new baby – a grandson with his mother’s eyes and his father’s smile, with a shy giggle that steals your heart away. A daughter made a commitment for a lifelong relationship.

I stood in Pompeii, amidst the ruins and silence, and felt the spirits of century old love and lives whisper around me. I tasted olive oil made from the trees grown on the ground I stood on, and felt the strength and cruelty of the Coliseum, and saw the faraway mountains in Tuscany.

My practice gave me the courage to climb 40 foot walls with my son, and then be able to zip line madly 200 feet through the redwood forest in Sonoma.

Our beautiful Emi girl said goodbye to us, the goaties moved into a new shed, and the Peacock celebrated his new status as the chief of the old shed.

Each season continues to bring incredible beauty. I am awed by the fact that each and every time I step outside, even after 10 years, I still see what you see when you drive up the driveway. The weary, the stressed, the homesick, those who need healing, those who need love, and those of you lucky enough to be balanced and steady, for all of you this place is a magical sanctuary.

As we begin to move toward the end of the year, I promise to continue to nurture this dream, that has transcended anything I could have imagined. I wish you abundance, good health and clarity. Thank you for all you have brought to me this year – for all the loving words, embraces, and thoughtfulness. For all of your stories and successes and celebrations. I am happy to be a part of them. Thank you for sharing my life as well, for laughing and crying with me. I cannot imagine this place without all of you.

Many many blessings, and much love to all of you.

Happy New Year and Love always, Liz

Miss Emi

2013 July 21
by admin


While this is a very personal post to you, I have to tell you that I do try to keep my personal life, and the studio a little bit separate. It seems harder and harder, as I get to know all of you, and the private and the public aspects seem to blend more. I begin to celebrate your personal triumphs and happiness, and mourn and cry with all of you when things get crazy in your lives, and I feel that you all do the same with me. Each time you drive down the driveway, and are greeted by the animals, our family, and various aspects of our life, you become a little closer, and the divide becomes less and less. While I tend to hold things that are challenging or sad closer to me, in part not to distress you, and in part to protect myself, I feel that I need to share this with you, to honor our beautiful dog Emi that has left us.

So, if you would like to celebrate her life with me, read on. If you cannot bear to read about doggies, best to stop here.

We always wanted an Irish Setter, one of those tall, dark red, regal looking ones. So when the Irish Setter pet rescue told us there was one available for adoption in Honesdale, Pa, near the Poconos, we drove up, 9 years ago, to the shelter there and met Emi.

This dog was for Chris, my oldest, and he was excited. I remember we all drove up in our mini van. When we finally arrived, they brought out this short, bow legged, overweight, hyperactive, golden colored dog ! I asked if that was really her, and the answer being positive we acted on blind faith, and took her in the car with us for the ride home.  She was bouncing all over the car the whole way home, full of unbridled enthusiasm.  We arrived and opened the sliding door and she leaped out, sprinted down the driveway across Stony Hill Road and down the tracks as fast as she could go! Chris was directed to run after her and retrieve her asap, and did so; he had on brand new sneakers and returned disheveled, muddy, with stickers and brambles, but with Emi in tow, none the worse for wear.

She lived in the stone house for a while with Chris and Sebastian, a little black cat, who she took under her wing, licking his face until it seemed that the fur would certainly come off, Sebastian enjoying every moment. She never required much attention after the first few months of acclimating to the property. She was always the free spirit of the doggie group! She lost 10 pounds just running after the geese every day. She became all of ours, Miss Emi, and was the caretaker of the property. Each morning she dove out the door, and made her rounds, her tail constantly wagging, her feet doing a never ending tap dance on the wooden floors, her only request a chest scratch and a cookie upon return. Larry always called her Emi with the Hemi. She and Killian, our first dog, were partners, even once escaping to the neighborhood behind us and Katie found them leisurely walking down the sidewalks together out for a stroll.

Each time the UPS truck came driving up, she would run down and hop in the truck. Those trucks did not make deliveries to us; she knew their main purpose was to bring dog cookies to her!

She loved the pond, and swam every day, several times a day- her legs started to show signs of arthritis in dogs, and swimming made her feel free. She even swam in the winter. Each day, after rounds, she would bark at the sparrows temporarily trapped in the chicken coop, and had it out for the squirrel in the tree next to the house. She loved coffee, and could take a full cup of Starbucks, from unsuspecting workmen at the house, carry it out to the middle of the yard, undo the lid, drink every drop of coffee and then eat the cup. (She loved paper). She ate bills, homework, envelopes and my never ending lists on the coffee table. I have to admit, I always denied knowing what happened to their coffee when they went looking for it!

Every night she would climb up on the sofa, and snuggle with me, her head sleepily in my lap, soft paws in my hand.

She was always very sweet, always happy to see you, always busy, tail wagging, nose sniffing. Her favorite place to sit was underneath the tree, overlooking the pond and with a clear view of everything that was going on.

Each time I think of her, I can see her there, with her head looking out with a soft breeze pushing the long feathery fringe away from her ears, and her feet crossed in front of her in a ladylike and dignified position. She always had a lot of class.

Her hair was so soft, and on the sides of her legs it was very curly. In the winter we would trim it as snow and ice would collect in it, and she would spend a lot of time getting it off of herself.

In the last few weeks she began to lose weight, and it became more difficult to walk. The vet was always surprised to see her in such good health. We truly believed she would live forever. We began to take her down to the pond in the golf cart for her swims, and feed her human food, when she stopped eating dog food.

She lay quietly on her dog bed, but looked up at us each time we came into the room, and still wagged her tail.

As we begin to realize that there is a possibility a life will end, the feeling of determination to stop the process kicks in. The possibility that this dog that has loved you from the moment they came into your life could no longer be here is a hard thing to experience.

You wish for all the years back, all the times you did not have time, all the things you wish you had done differently.  You begin to understand what a powerful and meaningful role these bright and loving creatures have in our lives. They soften the way to understanding, and give us a chance to learn how to love unconditionally, their love being so pure and constantly present for us, no matter what.

I will miss my sweet dog, every single day. Unbelievably, the sun will rise and set, and life will go on. The pain is still so fresh; from experience, I know that as time goes on, it will soften. So if you see me, and I am not myself for a while, you will understand, and just know that I will be ok soon.

I will never forget her. I know she brightened your lives too, and I wanted to share this with you, not to make you sad, but to acknowledge and celebrate her life. I could not let her passing go without telling you how lucky I feel we were to have her here, and how much we love her, and how happy she was each time someone noticed her. Thank you for that.

So take a moment to throw the ball one more time, or give an extra belly rub, to tell your beloved pets how much they mean to you. You will be happy you did.

As I end my letter, I am surrounded by a grey and white cat on one side of me, and a black long-haired cat on the other side.  Lying under the bench is a sleepy husky dog, and stretched out on the carpet is a German shepherd, twitching occasionally. There are numerous cats in the living room, curled up on chairs or in their hiding spots in the garage. Further out the goats are perched as high as they can get in the barn, and the chickens are huddled together. The peacock is on his perch. The guinea hens are experiencing their first night out in the coop. It is peaceful on the farm, and I feel lucky beyond belief to be surrounded by so much creature love.

Emi is sleeping under the full moon, but her spirit self is surely taking a swim in the pond, wagging her tail as she roams the woods and fields.

I love you Emi.

Love always, Liz












Celebrating life, our country and compassion!

2013 June 17
by admin

ImageThe Fourth of July has always been one of our favorite holidays. Good food, warm temperatures, connecting with friends and families, sharing the optimism and patriotism of this country is a great pleasure!

It is also Crystal’s brother Anthony Widmann’s favorite holiday. The Widmann family lives on the other side of Stony Hill Rd. Crystal participated in the first Teacher Training program held at the studio, and has been teaching here ever since!

Each year, at our respective picnics, we have a firework rivalry that is quite incredible (as you may have noticed if you have ever passed by Stony Hill Rd that night)! There is no planning, but every year as it gets dark, the family and friends gather on the lawn, the birds are put away, and the sky begins to light up with progressively larger and more spectacular displays of light and booms and fireworks. Cheers and applause are heard from each yard as we try to out do each other!

On this July 4th, as a special celebration, and in honor of a families and communities love and dedication, we are holding two special classes as a fundraiser for Anthony. As some of you may know, Anthony was in a serious motorcycle accident on July 27, 2012 in which he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury.

Although he was wearing a helmet, it was thrown from his head upon impact. When he arrived at the hospital, doctors were unsure if he would survive. He suffered several skull and bone fractures, was bleeding from his brain and was in critical condition in the neurological ICU for 27 days. When he awoke from a medically induced coma, he was unable to speak, walk, eat or perform any daily living tasks on his own. The only way he could communicate was by blinking his eyes.


Upon leaving the hospital, he spent an additional month in an inpatient cognitive rehab facility. He still required 24-hour care until very recently. Today he is still working to rebuild his post accident life. His doctors are very impressed with his progress so far and are hopeful that his cognitive skills will continue to improve and that he may be able to return to employment within the next year.

We are hoping to help alleviate some of his medical bills by donating 100% of the proceeds from the Fourth of July yoga classes to Anthony. We know we can count on you, our Prancing Peacock community to help us.


Please join us for a 2 fundraising classes- a 7:30 am class held outdoors (or inside if the weather is bad), taught by Brigitte, and a 9:30 am indoor class, taught by Crystal.


If you can, please donate at least the regular class fee of $15 or more. If you cannot attend, but would like to donate, please give us a call, stop at the front desk or send us a check.

Checks can be made payable directly to Anthony Widmann.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Love in every way imaginable,

The Prancing Peacock Family


Unexpected benefits!

2013 June 7
by admin

So three times a week, at 5 am,  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I open my eyes and get out of bed, try not to trip over the numerous dogs and cats lying comfortably on the floor in the early morning darkness and get dressed in my yoga clothes. IMG_1437

This is an unexpected challenge- the limbs are a little stiff, and the mind is not always coherent, but I manage, and make my way through my morning rituals, and then finally let the dogs out, where they too, not used to the early hour, stumble outside into the cool morning air and find things to sniff and chase


After a few weeks of practice, I can make an egg in the dark (I always try to eat something nutritious before I go out), juice some veggies,put the correct clothes on, speak properly and do lunges without falling over.




You may be wondering what possessed me to do this three times a week-well, this is Yoga Boot Camp! It was my great idea to share Igor with everyone, from 6-7 am so they can experience the results getting training that I have enjoyed!

Igor and Liz

Each time I see Igor he has a smile on his face and is very cheerful, and has a  storehouse of great moves and routines that are virtually never the same that challenge me every time.  I know I am in very good hands; as a professional fitness trainer, Igor is really good at what he does! He is encouraging and commanding all in one- he has a great sense of humor, (I say,”50  of these? Are you serious?” and he says, “Yes, Liz I am serious.”) he is caring and quick to sympathize but keep you on track, with complete faith that you can do all he is suggesting.


I have found new strength, lots of toning,  weight loss, and a difference in my yoga practice. Chataranga is a little easier, wheels are effortless. This is great!!!It is amazing how quickly you get in the groove of moving your body  to wake it up and create strength, endurance and good health so early.

We use free weights, TRX, medicine balls, this really tortuous device called an Ab Dolly, a Bosu ball, (right side up, upside down- the possibilities are endless) a step and our own body weight. We play enthusiastic music, and after about 40 minutes of that, I cool things down with some beautiful yoga that stretches and soothes our muscles and then we find our center, create an intention for the day and are good to go! We are  happy, and I for one cannot imagine not doing this.



There are also some unexpected benefits to this boot camp!


Beginning my day 2 hours earlier than I normally do creates all kinds of wonderful  openings. There seems to be so much more time available. I am able to go outside and greet the day when things are just waking up.



Image 2


My garden is very peaceful- the birds, who have been awake even earlier than I have been are busy pulling juicy worms out of the grass; there is  shade in the yard I have not noticed before, and the herbs and flowers smell especially sweet!









The bees are diligently gathering nectar, flying effortlessly to and fro from their hives.



Heron graze at the pond- I hope the bull frogs are hiding! Turtles are sunning themselves on the rocks.


Everything seems very laid back, and I find that when it is quiet and peaceful, I can think more clearly, and fabulous ideas make their way to me. It is a great time for meditation and to inquire within.



It is a time of day I encourage you to experience. However, if you are not an early bird Igor will be holding sessions a little later! Consider joining us on the journey to an amazing level of fitness. We are with you every step of the way, in this safe space to explore the possibilities of your amazing body! Life is good!


Raising the Vibration

2013 February 14
by admin

And, so it begins!!  We had a FABULOUS day at the studio!! What an outpouring of love, Random acts of kindness, surprises, presents and more love. Random acts were spread over the globe. I know we raised the vibration!!!

These random acts of kindness are like a big swelling of many hearts together! Staying connected, just by being kind to each other. Knowing that we are not alone. Taking the time to let people know that we love them, in the simplest of ways; a smile, a hug, a kind word, a gesture. It does not have to be big- but know that it will be powerful. The first few took some thinking, but the more I did, the easier and more joyful it became. I wondered what it would be like to do this EVERY day!!!!


Here are some of the things I encountered!!

First, I forgot that Random Acts of Kindness makes for extremely emotional behavior!! I did not expect to get so teary eyed in the process!

My first random act came early- since I am doing 56 I figured it might be wise to start ahead of my birthday.

1.Went to Starbucks to buy my favorite coffee, and decided to buy some gift cards to give out to people. When I told the girl about the day I was planning, she was very enthusiastic! She said she had always wanted to come to a yoga class, so, I decided to give her a free class at the studio. She was excited! As I turned to leave, she pulled out a free coupon for a drink the next time I come! This is fun! Instant random act of kindness propelled another!


2. As Katie and I were leaving the mall, when an elderly couple started up the escalator. They were very well dressed, and the woman had on perfectly pressed wool creamy white pants, a white coat, white shoes and a white beret! (and white hair!) I could not resist- as we got off the escalator I ran over to her (for being old she was pretty speedy) and said, “Excuse me! I just wanted to tell you how pretty you look! “She gave me a beautiful smile and said, “And 85 years old!!! “ Her husband was thrilled, I could tell, and I hugged her and she took both my hands in hers and said,” you are so kind! Thank you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Of course, I walked to the car with tears streaming down my face!

This makes me happy!!

Woke up on my birthday, (thank goodness!) and realized how long it was going to take me to do 56 random acts of kindness, which I will now refer to as RAK* get the studio ready for the awesome day we had planned, teach our RAK donation class, blow up balloons, arrange the 8 dozen roses we planned on giving away to every student that came to the studio today and try not to eat a cupcake at every turn (they were everywhere)!

I wondered if I could lump some together, like group RAK! We began the day with Doris’s class- she was very playful- everyone did Partner poses, and we gave out roses and cupcakes and balloons. Students seemed surprised and a little overwhelmed, but were happy!

Next, I changed into my birthday yoga outfit- all white!!! It was a little weird, but I had asked everyone to wear white or light colors to raise the vibration! Trying to figure out what one wears under white yoga pants is interesting to say the least. Thank God they had a little skirt attached, so I was covered! (Literally!!)

Everyone received a crown to wear, and we began by remembering our fellow yogini Joyce Tarity, who had passed away the day before, after a lengthy battle with cancer. You would have never known it from her optimism and joy in life- she attended the studio almost every day.

It was a wonderful class, full of love and light and of course, dancing! We boogied away, and then a deep restful shavasana. The idea was to vote on a charity to donate to, but right before I went into class, I received and email about Joyce’s Memorial service, and that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the American Cancer Society.

It was approved unanimously by the class, and we were thrilled to do it!

More roses, more cupcakes, more balloons, and Katie and I were off to lunch, and to squeeze in as many RAK as we could before we got back to the studio for afternoon classes. Oh, and by the way, while we were in class, Yardley Florist delivered a beautiful, huge arrangement to:

“The Staff, teachers and students at the Prancing Peacock-Enjoy!!!!”

That was really awesome!

Here’s a rundown of the fun we had:

3-12- Gave roses to everyone at Anna’s Nails in Yardley, and a free class card to my own nail technician, Helen! They all giggled and smiled, and the owner, a gentleman, gave me a huge grin when I presented him with one!I had never seen him smile that hugely!!!


12 &13 Stopped into the Frame shop and gave the guy who framed our “Best Distinctive Yoga Studio” award 2 yoga passes one for him, one for his wife.

14 &15 gave a Starbucks card to the older lady that works at the Rite Aid (just cause I like her), and bumped into Liz Murphy and gave her one too!

16 &17 Presented 2 Starbucks cards to the guys who work at Mail n More in Yardley, they are always so nice taking our packages and were very surprised I was giving presents out on my birthday! It was fun to see people’s faces and reactions!

Next, we tried to find our teacher trainee, Dana, who gave a very generous donation to the RAK class to give her the party favors everyone got! I could not remember where she worked exactly- so we drove around to each eyeglass store in Newtown asking, Is Dana in today?

18 Started to feel bad we did not give roses to those employees, so gifted 1 girl  at a different eyeglass store a rose and a free class card!

FINALLY we found her, at Glasses Galore in Newtown, and as we were walking up to give her a bouquet, she saw us and ran at full speed to the door and tackled us!! (She is very enthusiastic- you will love her community classes!!)

19 We presented her with the roses, crown, cupcake and balloon! She beamed!!! Said it made her day. (This one was REALLYY fun!!) Plus, I found some frames I really like!!!

20-21 After leaving Dana, we brought heart shaped donuts to my son Chris and daughter-in-law Alicia, and John, who designed our beautiful RAK announcement. They gobbled them up!


22 Dropped off a rose, a hug and a free class card to my hair stylist Ron,  at David Witchell, who said it was  a delight to receive them, it had been a long day! He gave me some blow drying tips!! Thanks Ron J

23. On the way back to the car, I decided to stop in at Love Illuminati, a fabulous clothing store in Newtown to give the owner a rose and a class card. She almost started to cry!! Said it made her feel wonderful! Yea!!

24-29 Distributed a balloon and roses to the Staff at our bank, First Federal of Bucks County, and a customer who asked if her gift card had expired, (NO!!)

30. Gave a rose to the owner of Indian Garden restaurant, he was very grateful. (Men seemed very touched. I guess they don’t get flowers that often- note to self!!)

31-37 Presented the staff at Venezia Pizzeria with roses, because they remember my entire families names when we go in, and always ask about them!!

38 Gave 40% tip to our server at lunch

39 We made our way to Philadelphia to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Audrey Claire. Brought a bouquet of roses to give to our server. I was surrounded by my beautiful family, (Leslie was in Rome, so she was with us in spirit!). Decide to give the roses to the hostess, who was pregnant and running around like crazy, but very happy and positive!! She loved them.

Larry disclosed to the server that he was supposed to be the recipient, but alas, we chose someone else!!! The server laughed and disclosed that the hostess was his wife, and so he would indeed be going home with the roses (and his wife) after all!!! Haha- we all clapped at hearing that!!!



40-52 decided time was running out, had to do more RAK at the restaurant.

Asked the server if he would ask everyone there if we could buy them dessert! Everyone thanked us and enjoyed scrumptious crème brulee, lava cake, apple crisp, Yummy!!!!

When we got the bill, found out the restaurant had comped us on the desserts we gave away, so they RAK us right back!! Thank you Audrey Claire!

53- Left a super big tip to the server 🙂

As we were leaving, one of the couples got up and asked if we were the ones who paid for their desserts. They said they had just left Ash Wednesday Mass at their church, and were discussing how to make a difference in the world. They said this was perfect timing, and thanked us for doing it and inspiring them!!!

Then I checked my Facebook messages, it was blowing up all day long with RAK!! Stood in Audrey Clair and cried, reading all of the things you all did

So, I know!  I am short 3 random acts of kindness.

I will continue them today. I may even do one every day for the rest of my life! As I was walking in Newtown yesterday, I was looking at people I passed- REALLY looking at them, right in their eyes- seeing if they need a rose, or a smile or even a hug. I wish I had even more to give away. The response was so heart warming.

Thank you to everyone for making my birthday one of the best ones I have ever had!

Love to everyone