Beth Roth

Beth Roth

Yoga Instructor

"I roam about the fields. To climb a steep mountain is then my joy, working my way through pathless forest... Then I feel some relief. Some!" - J.W. von Goethe

Beth first discovered her personal path to yoga via the fitness world where she worked as a personal trainer for 12 years. Her background in movement began nearly 50 years ago growing up with ballet lessons and evolving into teaching many different types of bodywork, from dance to aerobics to weight training. Desiring to move gracefully beyond hard core fitness regimes, she turned to yoga in 2000. She found yoga became a natural extension of her professional metaphysical practice as an astrologer and tarotist.

Yoga has become a path of devotion for me, extending beyond the power and strength of the body into right action and spiritual connection," she says. Her yoga style is expressive and flowing, allowing for intuitive physical exploration of the asanas in an open creative manner. Her movement is slow and controlled with an emphasis on body sensation, and awareness, couples with a meditative mind. She took the very first teacher training at The Prancing Peacock.

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